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Adult Learning Class Programme Feedback Summary 

During the academic year 2015-2016, Adult Learning ran a total of 58 evening and day classes, with 482 enrolments.  The most popular class subjects were in Art & Craft and Health & Wellbeing, with 44% of all learners enrolling in a class in one of these subject areas.

At the end of each class, an evaluation form was given to each learner for completion, to give them the opportunity to provide feedback about positive aspects of the class and areas for improvement.  A total of 198 forms were returned for the 2015-2016 class programme.  From the learner evaluation forms received:

  • 98% of learners would recommend the class to a friend
  • 99% of learners thought the tutor knew the subject well
  • 99% of learners found the tutor to be helpful and supportive
  • 99% of learners thought that classes were well organised
  • 97% of learners found it easy to book a place on the class

96% of learners rated their class as very good or good

In response to feedback from the 2014-2015 classes, a number of new classes were introduced to the 2015-2016 programme.   Two Gluten Free Cooking/Baking classes were included in the programme, both of which were well attended and received very positive feedback.  A number of mobile phone and tablet classes also formed part of the class programme in response to feedback, as well as a French class.  Most of these classes will be included again in the new programme.

Positive class feedback

Learners were given the opportunity to tell Adult Learning what was good about their class.  We value learner feedback not just for discovering improvements we should make, but also so we know what we should keep on doing.  Positive feedback was received on the tutors, the class content and the venues, and some learners liked everything about their class!  Here is a small sample of the comments received from learners:

“Great explanations from the tutor who knows his subject well.  Felt that there was always an opportunity to be involved into discussion.”

“I felt I learned something from each session and the atmosphere is very relaxed and it’s easy to ask questions without feeling silly!”

“The tutor as ever was encouraging, helpful and supportive and fun was had by all.” 

“It is so good for retired people to achieve and learn new skills.” 

“Clear explanations without jargon or assumed knowledge.  Ample opportunity to ask questions.  Hands-on time to practise new skills/knowledge.  Thank you.”

“So relaxed and everybody very friendly.  If stuck you get help straight away.  Very interesting to see what everybody was knitting.”

“Useful for employment prospects and helping improve my children’s language skills.”

“I was helped to make some useful and beautiful things out of wood!”

“This course has been excellent.  It has made me feel I can control how to be calm at work and improve my back health.”

“Helped me to understand the importance of looking after my own mental health.”

Areas for Improvement

Some areas for improvement were identified from the learner feedback.  Learner feedback is especially useful for finding out how we can improve our service and class provision.  We endeavour to respond to feedback received so that we can improve our class programme year on year.  Areas for improvement and resulting actions points for Adult Learning are as follows:

You said

Adult Learning Actions

Some learners asked for better instructions on where to find the class venues, in particular the Adult Learning Huts and classrooms in the Anderson High School.

From now on, we will provide maps for learners attending classes at the Adult Learning Huts, and floor plans for classes at the Anderson High School.

Learners asked for earlier confirmation that classes are going ahead.

We are reviewing our procedure for sending out class confirmations to find a solution that suits both Adult Learning and learners alike.

Feedback suggests that more advertising is needed.

Adult Learning endeavour to advertise classes as best as possible with the available budget. 

 The projector resolution for photography classes was not satisfactory: the projector did not show true colours.

This issue has now been resolved; the projector now shows true colours.

Some learners said that their class venue had been double-booked; their tutor had not been informed about a Parents’ Evening.

 A process is now in place to ensure this does not happen again; we will carry out more regular checks to ensure there are no double bookings.

Difference to Learners’ Lives

Learners were asked how attending a class had made a difference to their lives.  They were given a list of ways in which their lives may have been impacted and were asked to tick each applicable statement.  The results from this question are laid out in the table below:

 I have improved my knowledge or skills               


 I am more confident using technology


 My confidence, wellbeing or health has improved


 My communication, reading, or writing skills have improved


 I want to continue with my learning


 My number skills have improved


 I want to move onto the next stage of learning


 I have improved my English


 I feel more included, or am taking a more active part in my community


 I feel more confident to support my   children’s learning


 I am more confident to express my ideas and   opinions


 My learning will help me in my workplace


 I have improved my computing skills


 I feel ready to get a job or volunteer





What next?

Learners were asked what they would like to learn next.  47 learners indicated that they would like to do the same class again, and 27 learners said that they would like to progress with their learning in a more advanced class.  We also received suggestions for new classes.  We are in the process of recruiting new tutors to help fill some of the gaps identified.  Keep an eye on our website to see new learning opportunities as they arise:

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