Adult Learning offers a range of training to staff and tutors.  Some training is delivered 'in house' by Adult Learning staff and some is accessed through Train Shetland and other providers. We  keep tutors updated as opportunities arise. However every tutor will have an opportunity to discuss appropriate training needs with the Adult Learning Development Officer who provides support to them. If you have any questions about this or want to sign up to any of the following courses, please contact Adult Learning.

Courses delivered by Adult Learning staff:

Introductory Training in Adult Literacies Learning (ITALL)

Adult Learning runs occasional training for volunteer literacy and numeracy tutors (subject to service needs). This training is also available to staff from other agencies who are supporting adults who have low levels of literacy in their day to day work. 

The Introductory level of tutor training, was developed nationally to prepare those intending to begin tutoring literacies learners on a one to one basis. The course lasts approximately 40 hrs (which includes some homework tasks) and is generally delivered over 4 full days.

Skills For Tutors

Adult Learning staff deliver a full day course which is aimed at preparing new tutors to tutor evening classes.  The course looks at learning styles, and considers how adults learn as well as what is expected of adult learning tutors. 

  • The Scotish Goverment
  • Shetland Island Council
  • Learn Direct Scotland