Sew a Teepee Tent

Ref: 3723

Course Cancelled

Come along and learn to sew a Teepee tent!  Bring your own material and make a tent over the course of this 1-day workshop.  Recycle your old curtains, sheets, duvet covers or charity shop finds into a fun hide-away!

Broom handles/ garden canes will be provided (depending on the weight of your material) as well as elastic and ribbon. 

You will have to bring:
Sewing machine & extension lead
Sewing thread.
Old curtains, sheets, or new material if you wish.
Newspaper to make your paper pattern.
String or cord to secure your poles.
Needle and thread for tacking.
Packed lunch or money for the cafe. 

This class is free of charge as it is funded by the Scottish Government’s ‘Community Based Adult Learning Recovery Fund’ which aims to help improve engagement of adult learners in community-based learning opportunities. 

Tutor: Sheila Hankin
Venue: Islesburgh Community Centre
Duration / Dates: 1 day: Saturday 25th June 2022
Times: 10am- 3:30pm
Cost: This is a free class
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Day Classes
  • The Scotish Goverment
  • Shetland Island Council
  • Learn Direct Scotland