Adult Learning Huts, Lovers Loan - Adult Learning's base

Adult Learning is based at the Adult Learning Huts, Lovers Loan, Lerwick.

We have two rooms for learning which are well used by groups of learners.  The centre is  well equipped with wifi, computers and other learning resources.  Tutors can access the bank of resources held in the building.


The Schools Service provides access to schools for adult learning classes.  We have a full programme of classes at the Anderson High School.  Classes are also held in other primary and secondary schools across Shetland. 

Learning Centres

Enlarge Image Shetland College has learning centres in the West Mainland, Dunrossness, Whalsay and the North Isles and also offers classes in other community venues such as Islesburgh Community Centre.  Centres are well-equipped with comptuers and video conferencing to enable students to access some courses remotely. 

Other Community Venues

We also use other venues for classes such as community halls and outdoor centres as appropriate to the class.

  • The Scotish Goverment
  • Shetland Island Council
  • Learn Direct Scotland