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Lines of Enquiry: Online Drawing Taster Session

Ref: 2482

Join us for an afternoon of exploring drawing! This interactive zoom session will introduce you to some fundamentals such as line, shape and composition, allowing you to sharpen your observational skills and translate what you see to the page.

We will try a range of approaches, giving you the confidence to use drawing not only to make quick sketches, but also as a way of inquiring about the world around you and questioning what the eye sees. Whether you found a renewed interest in drawing and art over lockdown, wish to develop your observational skills for other reasons, or simply wish to enjoy time being creative and ‘thinking on paper’, this is the online class for you!

You will need some basic drawing materials - a sketchbook or pad of drawing paper, with pens, pencils and also a sharpener. Also, a selection of plants or other kinds of natural forms (such as shells, feathers etc) to draw, or some photographs you would like to work from. (NB please don't purchase materials until the class is confirmed to run.)

Please also make sure you have a comfortable space to work in, leaning on a table or using a drawing board if you have one, where there is good lighting.

Tutor: Aimee Labourne
Venue: Online by Zoom meeting
Duration / Dates: 1 day: Saturday 3 October 2020
Times: 2pm - 3.30pm
Cost: £6.30 / £3.15 concession
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