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Get Involved: Monitoring Shetland's Eroding Coastal Archaeology

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Next time you’re on the beach, make a difference by monitoring Shetland’s known eroding sites and learn to spot new ones! Rising sea levels and increasingly violent storm events are threatening our archaeology more than ever before.

The first session will be in the classroom learning about Shetland’s coastal archaeology and how to spot and record sites and the second will be out recording a real site to put your skills into practice. No previous experience is necessary, but this course does need basic computer literacy (nothing complicated, just the ability to log into a website). If you have a smart phone or tablet please bring it along to the first session.

Tutor: Dr Esther Renwick
Venue: Islesburgh Community Centre
Duration / Dates: Saturdays for 2 weeks starting 9 May 2020
Times: 1pm - 3pm
Cost: £18.48 / £10.24c
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  • Shetland Island Council
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