Exploring Objects Through Drawing (Bressay)

Ref: 3761

This class is for those who wish to improve their drawing skills and take a closer look at curiosities in the world around! We’ll draw interesting historical objects from the Bressay Heritage Centre collection, practicing some basic drawing techniques which will allow you to ‘draw what you see’


Creatively using aspects such as composition, scale and line quality we’ll consider our objects’ material qualities, and reveal histories traced across their surfaces. Experimentation with expressive mark making and narrative will then also explore what interests you about the objects.

  • - You are welcome to bring any objects of your own you wish to draw – these could be anything whether found, made, inherited, human-made or organic (though medium-sized objects that will sit nicely in a space are recommended i.e. not large items of clothing).
  • - Please bring a basic viewfinder using scrap card (instructions will be emailed out beforehand).
  • - You are also welcome to bring other materials you may like working with such as charcoal, ink, pastels or chalks.
  • - Bring a drink if you wish, though there are tea and coffee facilities at Bressay Heritage Centre.
Tutor: Aimee Labourne
Venue: Bressay Heritage Centre
Duration / Dates: 1 session: 10 April 2023
Times: 1915- 2045
Cost: Free
  • Arts and Crafts
  • The Scotish Goverment
  • Shetland Island Council
  • Learn Direct Scotland